Go Do (eBook) - A short book on productivity and motivation. By Steve Faulkner

Image of Go Do (eBook) - A short book on productivity and motivation. By Steve Faulkner


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Do you sometimes find it difficult to motivate yourself? Do you feel as though you are wasting too much time on one thing and neglecting others? Do you need help with time management? If so then this book could change your life.

"It was great Steve, I really liked your simple straightforward writing and clear ideas that I've already started to work with...I now have your book on my desktop, it's an invaluable resource."

Fraser Hooper, award winning physical comedian

Award winning magician and comedy performer, Steve Faulkner, was one of those annoying kids at school who seemed to be able to turn their hand to anything. A naturally untalented and unmotivated person, he has consistently turned his apparently useless hobbies - such as juggling, escapology, street performing and magic - into full time professions. In Go-Do he shares his methods, thought processes and the big secret: talent doesn’t exist. Just passion, self-belief and an awareness of the influences in our lives which prevent us from achieving our dreams and goals.

"I'm really proud of this. I constantly incorporate all of the methods for productivity and self-motivation in this book and they have literally changed my life. For less than the price of two pints, I personally guarantee you will achieve more my putting these ideas into practice. If you disagree, I offer a no-quibble money back guarantee."